La poesía de Luis Álvarez Piñer: una voz recuperada del silencio

  1. Ewa Śmiłek ORCiD: 0000-0002-8243-9150


The voice recovered from silence: the poetry of Luis Álvarez Piñer

The main objective of this article is, on the one hand, the presentation of Luis Ávarez Piñer as one of the representatives of the interior exile and, on the other hand, the analysis of his work created in hiding over the period of fifty years. The analysis of some of his poems created between 1937 and 1988 leads us to the conclusion that although the poet distanced himself from social poetry, in his lyrical verses he could not get away from the circumstances of his time — the main cause of his status as an exile.


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Estudios Hispánicos

26, 2018

Pages from 51 to 59

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