Els prefacis ficcionals en la narrativa de Carme Riera

  1. Mireia Ferrando Simon ORCiD: 0000-0001-8453-4082



Fictional prefaces in the narrative of Carme Riera

Carme Riera is one of the canonical authors of Catalan contemporary narrative. Even though her work has been broadly studied, no scientific studies have been carried out on the meaning and importance of the prefaces in her literary work. Riera shows a high interest for this paratext, which uses for conferring a special meaning to her writing as well as for influencing the reader. On the basis of the Paratext Theory of Genette, explained in Seuils (1987), the present article provides detailed analysis of all fictional prefaces encompassed in the publications of the last forty years of this author (1975–2015). This study unravels the high importance of the fictional prefaces, not only in order to understand in depth the meaning of her writing, but also as a decisive tool to distinguish key aspects of the literary work of this Majorcan writer.


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Estudios Hispánicos

25, 2017

Pages from 109 to 119

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