Una clave humanista de mediados del siglo XV para el Humanismo de la Corona de Aragón desde fines del siglo XIV: Ferran Valentí y  el Prólogo a  su traducción de las "Paradoxa" de Cicerón

  1. Vicent Martines


A humanist key from the mid-15th century to the humanism of the Crown of Aragon from the late 14th century: Ferran Valenti and the Preface to his translation of Cicero’s Paradoxa

In this article Istudy the Preface by Ferran Valentí to his own translation into Catalan of Cicero’s Paradoxa. Ferran Valentí was ahumanist from Majorca, author in Catalan language who earned a Low Degree at the University of Bologna and who declared himself adevoted “son and pupil” of humanist Leonardo Bruni. Valentí made an analysis of the humanistic Canon in mid-15th century, including troubadours, Dante, Lullius, Latin literature classics and several Catalan authors, such as Bernat Metge. This proves that humanism was atrue trend in the Crown of Aragon from the 2nd half of the 14th Century on.

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Estudios Hispánicos

22, 2014

Strony od 105 do 114

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