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El erotismo aporético de Ausiàs March

  1. Ewa Łukaszyk


The aporetic eroticism of Ausiàs March

The poetry of Ausiàs March illustrates not only the emergence of the Catalan literature in the context of the “Romance ocean,” but also the crisis of the European consciousness at the beginning of the early-modern era. The rupture in relation to the Occitan poetic tradition implies a reevaluation of love in alarger context of human life, which is determined by moral and epistemological pessimism. The supposed “misogyny” of the Valencian poet reflects his general attitude towards the human condition, which is unworthy of the ideal, deficient, finite and prone to frustration. The birth of the saturnine eroticism, immersed in its own contradictions, leads to the consciousness dominated by the dependence of man on God.

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Estudios Hispánicos

22, 2014

Strony od 71 do 81

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