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¿Hay alguien allí? Metaficción en La velocidad de las cosas, de Rodrigo Fresán

  1. Ewa Bargiel


Is there anybody? Metafiction in Rodrigo Fresán’s The Speed of Things


In this article we attempt to present a wide spectrum of metafictional techniques used in Rodrigo Fresán’s The Speed of Things. The book, constructed on the principle of hybridisation, fuses various devices of the metanarrative (frame stories, fractal construction, fictionalization of writing as an act of creation, self-consciousness of narrators) and the metadiscourse (figure of the writer identified with the real author, literary reflection) in order to form a complex metafictional game that invites the reader to participate in the literary dialogue.


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Estudios Hispánicos

17, 2009

Strony od 85 do 94

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