Sangue e leite. A transmutação andrógina no Físico prodigioso de Jorge de Sena

  1. Ewa Łukaszyk


Blood and milk. Androgynous transmutation in O Físico prodigioso by Jorge de Sena

To read O Físico prodigioso as an autobiography, according to the recommendation given by the author, seems a difficult task. The notion of androgyny, appearing in a larger context of reflection on sexuality and gender led by Jorge de Sena, may give an interpretative key to this text, specially if it is considered in the context of scholarly interests and writings of Jorge de Sena. The intertextual games in O Físico prodigioso give depth to the message concerning sexuality: it should be transcended into androgynous condition, associated with the plenitude of creative powers and the sacred.

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Estudios Hispánicos

21, 2013

Pages from 121 to 131

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