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Hablando del ritual ch’alla. Positioning y perspectiva cultural

  1. Johanna Elisa Gutowski


Speaking about the ch’alla ritual: positioning and cultural perspective

Ch’alla is a libation, a sacrifice practiced in Andean Bolivia on various occasions. In respect to this libation, people classify themselves and others according to a particular world view. Language and culture appear to be entangled inextricably. Thus language opens a possibility to understand a respective worldview and provides particular insights about its culture. This cultural perspective is shaped through socialization, religious convictions, norms and prevalent values. Michael Bamberg’s positioning concept offers a way to record and analyze such a cultural perspective. ‘Positioning’ describes the phenomenon of how persons position themselves in a talk and how they are categorized by others due to this specific perspective.

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Estudios Hispánicos

19, 2011

Strony od 103 do 113

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