La pasión de Tristán e Iseo reescrita por María del Mar Alférez

  1. Bernadette Hidalgo-Bachs


The passion of Tristan and Iseult rewritten by María del Mar Alférez

It was for the collection La canción de Iseo that María del Mar Alferez was awarded the Carmon Conde prize in 1995. A highly personal universe is composed by this feminine voice in this re-writing of the Tristan and Yseult myth. With great textual density, the inscription of interior forms accompanies the inscription of exterior forms and both are often intertwined; the body can refer to the mind and the soul, and its spiritual entities are often intimately linked to sensuality. Thanks to a fine work of metaphorical inventiveness, barriers are often broken between conceptual categories. The experience of love, whether one is filled with desire, with suffering due to an absence, with sensual pleasure or with the memory of an act of love is often rewritten in new ways, re-working motifs from the medieval text. The poetical language gains in expression thanks to dissonance. By rethinking the real, the speaker composes another form of saying and feeling passion in this version of the mythical narrative whose sensitivity and eroticisation make it very relevant today.

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Estudios Hispánicos

16, 2008

Pages from 109 to 121

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